Competition Draw Per Gender
– 16 Main Draw Teams
– 10 Automatic Entries (Entries for this event will be based on BEST 4 FINISHES AS A TEAM in 2014)
– 2 Wild Cards (If not used, will allocate additional Auto Entry. One (1) Wild Card per gender will be used for the AVPNext Championship Cup).
– 4 Teams Advance Through Open Qualifier

- Championship Entry Guidelines:

Entries for this championship will be based on team points for 2014, this includes the open qualifier.
If you have more than 4 finishes with the same partner, your best 4 finishes together in 2014 will be your entry total.
If you have less than 4 finishes together in 2014 then those 2 or 3 finishes together will be your total.
If this will be your first event together in 2014 then you will be seeded lower than all other teams that have played multiple events together in 2014.