Reconstruction of the Baltic Avenue canal and a seawall along the Absecon Inlet are just some of the infrastructure improvements scheduled for Atlantic City, Planning Director Elizabeth Terenik said.

Terenik laid out details of project plans in a recent presentation at a monthly public forum at the Atlantic City Free Public Library.

“It’s great news, because investing in infrastructure is necessary for any economic growth we experience,” she said.

Among the projects:

• The Baltic Avenue Canal, an underground drainage canal from Rhode Island to Georgia avenues that drains one-third of the city.

“The canal was actually built in 1913,” Terenik said, though the floodgates have been inoperable for decades. “It would be a huge help for draining stormwater and tides.”

The $6.3 million cost is split between FEMA, the U.S. Economic Development Administration and the city, which is putting up $2 million. Initial bids came back with wide disparities, so the city redesigned the project. Completion is expected in 18 months.

• Shoring up the seawall and Boardwalk from Rhode Island Avenue to Gardner’s Basin, scheduled for fall 2014 through mid-2016. The $50 million total cost is funded by the Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, the state Economic Development Authority and the state Department of Community Affairs.